Yesterday Was Vet Day

Shelby was tired after seeing the vet yesterday. She had to go in for her Annual Checkup and shots. The Vet said Shelby’s blood work indicated Shelby has been exposed to Lyme disease so we started antibiotics as a cautionary measure.

Shelby 12-26-2017

Photo (c)2017 Shannon G. Wamsley


Christmas Day 2015

Shelby Christmas 2015

Opening of the Christmas Box

Shelby Gifts 12-25-2015

Getting help with the opening of the Christmas Box

Shelby New Coat 12-25-2015

Showing off the new winter coat while noming on treats.

To Grandmas 12-25-15

Headed to Grandma’s house.

To Grandmas 12-25-2015

Shelby has her own bed in my Jeep to lay on while traveling.

Shelby 12-25-15

Finally made it to Grandma’s house!


Christmas Dinner Table 2015

Shelby 12-25-2015

Opening a Christmas Gift


Still trying to open a Christmas Gift

Buddy 12-25-2015

Buddy and his new toy “flea”.

Ruby 12-25-2015



Tired Shelby

Sleepy Shelby 12-25-2015

Nap time!

Christmas 2015

Peaceful Christmas Tree