Thinking and Deciding

Earlier this evening, it was raining rather hard outside and Shelby had to go potty.  So, I opened the door to show her the rain.  She stood there for a bit deciding on whether or not she wanted to go out in the rain.  She chose to wait until after the rain was gone.

Shelby 07-19-2017

Photo (c)2017 Shannon G. Wamsely

Fireworks Are Scary

Shelby is very scared of fireworks.  😦  So last night as the Fourth of July festivities were going on around town, Shelby sat in my lap and snuggled.  We watched tv to drown out as much outside noise as possible.

Shelby 07-04-2017Shelby 7-04-2017

Photos (c)2017 Shannon G. Wamsley